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We’re Here!

In the words of a wise and wiley new-media director, or perhaps it was a socially outcast, self-loathing degenerate with WAY too much time on his hands, “If your not constantly redesigning your web presence you’re dead.”

We’re not dead, Not resting, not even pining for the fjords. We’re diving deep into the old blog, and bringing you back the classics!

Lost goodies from the early days of Web 2.0 – The best of Off Campus (formerly – and perhaps obscurely – in print) and still, although admittedly quite lax online, mixed in with some new funny stuff. Weekly comics, plus random strings of words and phonemes!

Like your comics daily? Check out our buddy (and former TV cohort) Tim, still going strong in the Daily Grind Contest, despite being stuck in retail bondage.

Looking for a preview of what’s coming?.. check out the archives.


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