So long and thanks for all the fish

On this, the nations birthday, we recognize other birthdays and milestones, particularly the birth of this blog – a joint venture, spin-off and survivor of the comic that began nearly 17 years ago, and had six-month revival in print just before “blogging” entered the current vernacular.

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness has brought far too much of our attentions toward fixing up the homestead(s), fighting the good fight against the aforementioned “pile”, selling blood, and the lucrative world of producing a Horror-Host show (across New England).

Yes overscheduling can lead to productivity, it can also lead to apathy and neglectfulness on other fronts. (Which could also be a general sense of dis-ease from being a few pints low – gotta pre-buy our winter heating oil somehow.)

If brevity is the soul of wit, then the rambling-ness here today demonstrates the witlessness fatal to what began as a place for Mark and I to make each other (and hopefully, a few of you) laugh. So here we say goodby to an old friend and comedy outlet. We’ll go back to making ourselves laugh over Belgian Fries and Panini at one of our favorite haunts, have time to fit in a game or two of Quiddler, and actually get out to a movie or two.

If you know me, find me on Facebook (challenge me to a game of scrabble (Scrabulous). If you don’t, read through the backlog, and mourn the life and loss of this blog, as with everything we seem to acknowledge life and (semi) brilliance only when something or someone is gone. Or, in the timeless words of 80’s hair-band Cinderella, You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.

Time for a little more First Life people!


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a remote controlled air plane in every stocking!

Just got another notification, it looks like someone else decided to forgo the mall and do their shopping here! Awesome!

Maybe, just maybe, my sales of this design will catch up with my wife’s sucess with Milo – not to feel bad though, being my design and concept as well. So now I feel like I have two winners!…

Though, I’m still the only guy (in the world) sporting the clever Cookies T that got this whole print on demand ball rolling for me. Now available in Organic Cotton – I recently won one of these T’s from Lumberjocks (and I love it), plus I’ve lowered the prices a bit.

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Santa sure has it easy this year

How happy does this make me?
Oh, I can’t even begin to tell you.

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We’re Here!

In the words of a wise and wiley new-media director, or perhaps it was a socially outcast, self-loathing degenerate with WAY too much time on his hands, “If your not constantly redesigning your web presence you’re dead.”

We’re not dead, Not resting, not even pining for the fjords. We’re diving deep into the old blog, and bringing you back the classics!

Lost goodies from the early days of Web 2.0 – The best of Off Campus (formerly – and perhaps obscurely – in print) and still, although admittedly quite lax online, mixed in with some new funny stuff. Weekly comics, plus random strings of words and phonemes!

Like your comics daily? Check out our buddy (and former TV cohort) Tim, still going strong in the Daily Grind Contest, despite being stuck in retail bondage.

Looking for a preview of what’s coming?.. check out the archives.

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also on tv, online…